How D-Sukyan Health Technology Works

How D-Sukyan Health Technology Works

D-Sukyan health technology utilizes cutting-edge AI and deep learning algorithms to extract a wide range of health measurements using Photoplethysmography (PPG) within a timeframe of 20-60 seconds.Our technology seamlessly integrates computer vision, signal processing, and machine learning techniques to effectively extract and analyze PPG signals, providing essential vital signs and biomarker measurements. Moreover, our health technology enables contactless spot checks by leveraging camera-based devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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Power Up Your Health Offerings with Next-Gen Tech

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Data Security You Can Trust:

• Industry-leading privacy and compliance:
We take data security seriously, adhering to the highest industry standards and regulations to ensure your client's information is always protected.

• Transparency and control:
Your organization maintains complete control over client data, with flexible access and sharing options that empower your team while respecting patient privacy.
Cutting-Edge Technology Made Simple:
• Go beyond the surface:
Uncover hidden health trends and risk factors with real-time data on vital signs, stress levels, and more, all through a simple selfie.

• No bulky equipment, no hassle:
DSukyan is convenient and accessible, requiring no additional hardware or complex installations. It seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow.
Low Cost, High Impact:
• Subscription-based model:
Avoid hefty upfront investments and enjoy flexible pricing plans that scale with your needs.

• Reduced operational costs:
Streamline patient interactions and optimize resource allocation with quick, non-invasive assessments.
Offline Functionality for Enhanced Reach:
• Connect with clients anywhere, anytime:
DSukyan even works offline, allowing you to serve patients in remote areas or under connectivity limitations.

• Uninterrupted data collection:
Data is seamlessly stored and uploaded when a connection becomes available, ensuring no information is lost.